Tips for making freshly made iced tea

If it’s hot scorching outside, you may want to drink something fresh and pleasant. In such a case, a cup of freshly made iced tea can work wonders. But if you prepared an iced tea that did not suit your taste buds, it is a very disappointing fact. To prevent this from happening, you should know the process well, the recipe.

But this does not mean that you will not make any mistakes. You should prefer to soak the tea for a long time and add a little sugar to make a large cup of iced tea. The following can help you achieve your goal of preparing a relaxing cup of iced tea.

Tea type
Most people have different options when it comes to the taste of tea. Some want it normal, while others want it darker. The type of freshly brewed iced tea you are preparing depends entirely on you. But you should know that if you are using a darker tea, it will taste much stronger compared to others.

Water quality
While many may not focus on it, it is very necessary to use clean, filtered water while preparing freshly brewed iced tea. It is because the taste of tea will be much better than normal if you use better quality water. In addition, you must control the quality of the ice you are using. Poor or bad ice cannot help you prepare or give it a fresh taste.

Do not use old containers
If you are storing or storing your tea leaves, you should refrain from using old containers. These old containers affect the quality of tea leaves, which can ultimately have an impact on the taste of your freshly brewed iced tea. You may prefer to use a mason jar or any glass container. However, avoid using plastic and metal containers, since the first releases all the flavors while the second adds a touch of metallic flavor.

Keep the preparation time short
Review the instructions on your package, but generally, 3-5 minutes of soaking should be sufficient for any black tea bag used to make iced tea, for longer and run the risk of becoming bitter.

Add sweetener
The tea expert recommends always adding sugar or sweetener when the tea is hot so that it dissolves easily and evenly. If you want a healthier tea you can add honey.

Cool it
Many people tend to make the mistake of keeping iced tea without even letting it cool. Doing this may cause the tea to become cloudy, which may not work well with your taste. Therefore, experts often recommend that once you have prepared freshly brewed iced tea, you should allow it to cool to room temperature before putting it in the refrigerator to cool it.

Freshly brewed iced tea can be very relaxing and surprising if you had a difficult day. You should be very careful with the recipe and the amount you have been using to prepare it.

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