Best Coffee cities in the world that every coffee lover should visit

When it comes to coffee, finding the best cup may take you around the world and back again. To simplify the task of finding fabulous coffee while traveling, CNN has released a story on the best cities in the world to drink coffee. Each of these choices was rated on criteria for the environment, coffee quality, price, and several other factors that are sure to delight even the most discriminating java drinkers. Here are their picks:

Best Cities to Drink Coffee

Vienna, Austria

The coffee tradition in Austria dates well into the 17th century. Today, Vienna is known for its grand 19th-century cafes. Coffee in Vienna is more than just a drink – it’s an experience and a rite of passage.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Strong espressos and a friendly atmosphere draw millions of visitors to Amsterdam’s cafes and coffee shops each year. Not to mention, it’s very affordable to enjoy a good cup of joe in this exciting city.

Rome, Italy

For the finest espressos in the world, look no further than Rome to find the perfect serving. While tourists may enjoy the outdoor cafes, the real coffee experience lies in a walk-through event in less obvious locations. Just follow the lead of the locals and stand at the bar, order your espresso, and be on your way to enjoy the rest of the city.

Melbourne, Australia

The coffee capital of Australia owes much of its rich brewing tradition to an influx of Italian and Greek immigrants in the wake of World War II, but it was not until the 1980s that Melbourne’s coffee culture really took off. Today, it is loud, proud and incredibly rich in flavor.

Wellington, New Zealand

As the arts and culture capital of New Zealand, Wellington is known best for its creative setting – the perfect backdrop to enjoy cups of joe from some of the European-inspired coffee cafes and local roasters. As a matter of fact, Wellington is said to have more cafes per capita than New York City, so it’s easy to find a coffee treat.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The entire culture of Argentina plays into the way people drink coffee in this beautiful country. Coffee-to-go isn’t the method of choice for most Argentinians, as they prefer to sit back and relax in cafes to drink some of the finest South American coffees.

Seattle, United States

Known best for its gray skies and Starbucks, Seattle is one of the finest places in the US to get coffee. However, contrary to popular belief, this fine coffee tradition lies not in the success of Starbucks, but in the spirit of the local roaster, independent coffee houses, and a varied selection of beans.

Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is full of micro coffee brewers and expert baristas, and is a great urban destination for quality coffee. Cold preparation and the Clover coffee maker are two favorite preparation methods. According to reports, the center has a lot of excellent coffee shops, but you can also find gems in some of the less bustling neighborhoods of the city. Vancouver residents enjoy American drinks and espresso in particular, but there is certainly a wide variety of well-made cups.

So let us know, where do you find the best cup of coffee? We’d love to hear about it!

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